We offer consulting services for our clients during the development process of the Pumped Storage Hydropower, from the opening of the SPV till obtaining the Construction Authorization from the National Regulator, as a final step before starting the construction implementation works at site, including the requirements arising from the laws and regulations, and prefeasibility and feasibility studies, advising services for the pumped storage hydropower (PSH) designs for permitting, environmental consent/permit, and for the construction permit purposes.

We offer our clients a professional guide with main tasks, which must be completed to ensure pumped storage hydropower resource assessment, the municipal act that confirms the proposed Energy Project is allowed by municipal development or spatial plans, Environmental Consents (issued by the Ministry), Construction Permit (issued by the Ministry or the Municipality), Connection Agreement with the Grid Operator, Authorization for PSH Construction (issued by the National Regulator) as well as Environmental Permit (issued by the Ministry).